We have handled a wide variety of business, commercial, and corporate claims, including:

Shareholder disputes

Under Massachusetts law, shareholders in closely held corporations owe one another a fiduciary duty of the “utmost good faith and loyalty.”  Unfortunately, business ventures that begin with the best of intentions can end up in bitter and protracted lawsuits. We have resolved numerous disputes between shareholders and business partners.  We have also litigated freeze-out  and other shareholder cases through trial when settlement was simply not possible.

Real estate disputes

We have litigated disputes including those concerning  brokers’ commissions, mortgage defaults and foreclosures, and breach of purchase and sale agreements and related documents. We have extensive experience, including trials, in partition actions brought by co-owners of real estate. Howard Brown has served as court-appointed commissioner in partition cases.

Business torts

Disputes often arise when a business is bought or sold, when competitors engage in illegal conduct, or when key employees go into competition with their employer. We have litigated claims including misappropriation of confidential information and trade secrets, violation of G.L. c.93A (the Massachusetts law prohibiting unfair and deceptive trade practices), shareholder derivative actions,  tortious interference with contractual relations, civil contempt and unfair competition.

Insurance coverage

We have successfully represented clients seeking coverage under various types of policies such as  property insurance, disability insurance and employment practices liability insurance.

Debtor-creditor and bankruptcy

We have litigated claims involving wrongful foreclosure,  disputes  between secured creditors and other creditors,   the Uniform Commercial Code, the Truth in Lending Act,  fraudulent transfers under Massachusetts law, preferences under the Bankruptcy Code and the dischargeability of debts in bankruptcy.

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